The Value of Pretty Much Nothing — 6 Comments

  1. This rest… this stillness of which you speak… I seek this as well… since 2016 election, since 9/11. I have felt ill at ease. I am an artist. My innards are twirled with a sense of angst for the tension of the new world and I don’t like that feeling. I plan to disconnect in early 2020 when I get my rv set up to be and I can release the levels of which you speak, paint what moves me, move when it is time.

  2. sounds relaxing, life offers us time to meet ourselves more nicely . Its always surprising to come here…take care ted..enjoy

  3. HUGE fan of doing nothing .. and wow .. it can be hard sometimes!!

    My friend here in Nevada City opened up her amazing home as a “silent getway.” She then gets her own retreat as she heads off in her camper truck … and the peeps in her home settle in to such a gorgeous space of stillness.

    I get away each summer for 2 to 3 weeks to the So fork Smith river .. off grid (no internet or power lines and even off cell) … the river .. books .. puzzles .. games .. conversations. A LOT of listening to the riffle. A lot of chilling on the deck and watching the mergansers, otters, and even sometimes bears migrate along the river.

    And .. .I read your post … back at home with kids in school (now soph and senior! crazy!!). HOW to find the capacity to do NOTHING .. NOTHING .. here?
    There’s a challenge!

    • It’s always a challenge. I find it easiest in nature for sure. And sometimes, it’s not really doing “nothing,” it’s also when we love what we’re doing and in a flow with it it doesn’t feel so much like “doing” any more. Looking forward to catching up in person one of these days.

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