Fasting and a New Spring

As of this morning I am on day 6 of a clear liquids fast – just juices, broth,, water and tea.  It’s a path towards cleaning out one’s system, removing toxins, and giving ones organs and digestive tract an opportunity to rest and rejuvenate.  It’s also a time to focus on renewal and change.  This fast has been a little more difficult that past ones I’ve done in that I’ve had guests in the house who are wonderful cooks so I’m often tempted by the scents of their gastronomic endeavors.  My morning homemade juices are the best though and include carrots, kale, beets, cucumber, garlic, apple, parsley, dandelion greens, sweet potato, cabbage, daikon, ginger and celery.  It amazes me how much nutrition you can pack into a single drink.

I started this fast on a new moon in the spring, and I love that. I can’t imagine a better time to start a fast as both the spring and the new moon impart their capacities for renewal.  Next year, the new moon is on April 21st, so I’m already putting this on my calendar.  Care to join in?

Along with fasting, this is a great time for letting go of old unhealthy habits and replacing them with new healthier ones.  For me, I’ve begun a regimen of writing for an hour in the morning before allowing myself to look at any email or indulge in other online distractions. It’s an attempt at supporting my creative process and the early morning seems to be the best time for that for me.  It’s intense sometimes to notice how strong the addictive pull can be to dive into my email and start distracting myself.  I follow that writing hour (or more) with juicing and then some outdoor yoga in the warm rising sun.  I then can start dealing with work and the clamoring world of responsibilities.

As opposed to my last post, where I was Bumping Up Against Spring, I feel now that I’ve pressed through the soil and begun my growth process in earnest.  In the spirit of renewal, Harold and Gladys, a pair of swallows  named after my friend Jeff’s parents, have returned to my home again this year and are busily building their nest and gobbling mayflies.

I am planning to continue this cleansing fast into tomorrow with a special liver cleanse cocktail this evening, weaning my way back into solid foods again starting tomorrow.  Although I’ve been a little light headed and low on energy at times, my body feels light and clean and vibrant.

So continuing in this spirit of spring cleaning and renewal, what other habits would I like to change?

  • focus on specific creative projects and not bounce around quite so much (this will be easier with committed times for creativity
  • more ease with myself and not having to accomplish so much to feel good about myself
  • say “yes” more and not worrying about which opportunity, plan or situation is the perfect choice
  • practice generosity
  • swim/exercise on a regular basis
  • more openness to making plans further out in the future
On a final note, two evenings ago, Thoth and Lila’angelique (aka Tribal Baroque) performed a concert in my home  About 30 people attended and it was a lovely evening.  They are such dear people, talented performers (see and committed artists.  They are living a gypsy life, traveling to wherever they can perform and make a living.  They’ve inspired my creative juices.  I mention this in this post because having them in my home this week and having the beautiful gathering last night has rekindled my connection to and desire for community.  Perhaps another nascent blossom of the spring.

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