Eyes of Compassion — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Ted, Sandy here. THis is a lovely tribute to an amazing woman. You said it so very well. You really summed up what love really is, or what it is about once you have engaged in the experience. It is a GIVING that GIVES BACK. It is real and comes naturally. She must have been a lovely person and I can see her lovely glow in this image of her. I am happy you had her in your life at that time and learned so much from her. Thanks for this story. Sandy

  2. Dear Ted
    You have found the sweet spot in your portrayal of love and success, gently delivered and comprehensible for every soul; this message once read will become ingrained in every readers being and will silently insinuate itself upon their actions, surely in mine.
    Thank you Ted, you have found it.

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