Ocean’s Breath of Life

I’m loving taking long walks on the beach lately. The ocean here is so different than oceans around the world. I’ve been in many places and have swam in many oceans, lakes and seas in my life, but there is an aliveness in this Northern California Pacific Ocean that I’ve never found anywhere else. While the smell of the sea here is very strong, it’s not just some amorphous sea scent, but is actually a scent that is full of aliveness. A deep breath here is literally a breath of life. I remember reading that the ocean ecosystem here is one of the most bountiful in the world if you include mullusks, sea stars, crabs, sea weeds, birds, sea mammals, coral, etc. Walking along the shore, especially on a day like today where the seas are fairly intense, is food for my soul. The air is hyper oxygenated too as the ocean has that capacity to clear the air.

Gathered some seaweed today too and cleaned and prepped it and now it’s marinating. Seaweed is really a superfood with many essential nutrients. Yum.

I’m somehow craving that Life so I breathe deeply often.

It’s been hard to write much on my blog lately. Although I’ve started several posts lately, by the time I finish writing them, they tend to feel outdated already. Strange experience, but true. Also, I am not interested in publishing anything that has too much of my ego tied up in it, and it seems like my writing has more of that in it than I had previously thought. I’m just more sensitive to seeing that at the moment.

Excited to have one of my nephews coming out to visit for his spring break soon. It’s always so fun to be a kid again, sand castles, movies, and easy fun.

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