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Exploring the Depths

Depth, when attributed to another person, is often a way to signify a sense of inner capacity, a wisdom cultivated over a lifetime of paying attention to and learning from one’s own inner workings and the lives and world around them. It is a capacity to be honored, to be revered, for within those who […]

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Loving Support – The Elixir of Life

Lately, I’ve been recognizing how thoroughly invaluable we all are to each other along our journey of becoming the true beings that we were meant to be. We play critical roles in helping each other to believe in ourselves and come to know our own value. Almost always our own worst critic, without others in […]


Where’s the Dream….?

For just as happiness is more than the absence of sadness, so is peace infinitely more than the absence of war. Even the refugee must do more than flee. He must arrive. He must at last return to a world as it is, however much in conflict with his hopes, and he must then do […]

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The Urge to Cultivate

I want to explore a little here about gathering, cultivating and harvesting. Having spent most of my life in cities rather than on a farm or in the country, I didn’t really learn much about gardening and the natural rhythms of life that are mirrored in the cycle of cultivation. I’m noticing in my life […]