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Unlearning to Unlove, an Unorthodox Path to Love

Love is not a learning, but a growth. All that is needed on your part is not how to learn the ways of love, but how to unlearn the ways of unlove.” ~Osho Unlearn the ways of unlove. Let that sink in for a minute. It’s a peculiar phrasing, I know, and one worth re-reading […]

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Manifestation and Returning to Nepal

En route to Nepal again, this time with a plane change in Taipei and an overnight in Bangkok. I’ve travelled rather extensively, especially in recent years, and in the lead up to my departure, people often ask if I’m excited about my trip. The truth is almost always that my excitement really doesn’t kick into […]


Namaste – Arriving in Nepal

Just landed in Nepal for a bit of a summer’s end adventure. This type of travel, the travel away from comfort, security and familiarity towards the discomfort (and of course wonder) of a completely unknown place can be very challenging on an inner level but also very rewarding. In reading back on my writings from […]