Spilling the Contents of Your Pot — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing ths piece. It is often easier to self censor than be diplomatic, so the former takes precedence.

  2. Hi,
    I appreciate ur openness and gratefulness..I always say “how fortunate I am in finding unconditional love and respect in my beautiful life” I try to give it back all ways to the universe. Ur writings r memories to someone and everyone u knew.we can’t always love person but always fall for his ideas abt life .the love I do to people around and for me always brings healings to me and to them..*(yes lessons to sometimes)u r wonderful always wish what u want becoz u always get it.

  3. I just feel so grateful abt u.i too started writing and yes like really, will be glad to show u my writings..❤much love and healing to u..❤

  4. I’m not so sure about your statement that vulnerability is openness with fear. That is certainly an ego reaction, but I find vulnerability without ego reactivity is openness with elements of intimacy (velvet) and sensitivity for being touched or affected. So, the vulnerability feels for like openness and receptivity.

    • That’s brilliant, John. Very true. Vulnerability can have many flavors to it. Fear is just one flavor. Without the ego, as you say, intimacy can have “openness with elements of intimacy (velvet) and sensitivity for being touched or affected.” The trust involved with vulnerability can have the deep relaxation of surrender. There is also a sense of union/merge/unity possible. Delicateness, a sense of gift, acceptance, etc., etc. Thanks.

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