Saying Yes to Our Experience — 2 Comments

  1. Do not ever feel as you said, “they are more identified with a more undeserving self.” Self is all that we really have; you need to under the strengths of self and learn about acceptance or rejection. You cannot move forward without this information, get a copy of The Power of Self Separation and you will start to understand the process that you are going through

  2. I've been thinking about this post these past couple of days. I am a fan of developing discrimination, wherein the soul's interests are better and better represented in one's choices … 'yes', 'no', 'maybe, let me ponder it awhile' all have their place. How well one chooses then is a reflection of how well one knows one's Self.

    I'm also a fan of developing a wider and wider perspective on situations that help me let go of my limited idea or goal that might be causing tension in my body/mind/heart. I frequently get reminded that how I think things should be isn't necessarily the higher order of things. When things aren't going 'my way' or I am in tension or pain, there is definitely a surrender involved. Not a 'giving up' but an opening and perhaps a letting go. So maybe that is 'saying yes to my experience'. All I know is that there are necessary tensions in life (like it takes a certain amount of tension to stand up or to hold a fork), but letting go of UNNECESSARY tensions, oppositions, belief systems, egoic walls in one's life and body that prevent a greater flow of energy and knowledge is good yoga.

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