The Spirituality of Flipping Someone Off — 3 Comments

  1. John Jacob, you know, a walk walking Christian, told me a story once about how he was upset by someone in traffic at night. He pulled up next to the person, turned on his dome light and flipped the guy off. That cracked me up because he is usually so laid back and positive.

    I think the guy gave you two fingers, and you only needed one, so it was very nice of you to give one back to him.

    Anyway – Yes, I think it is great to allow yourself to feel and let go of those “negative emotions.” It is harder to let go of “positive” emotions because we want to hold on to them. They are just emotions. I tend to carry anger over traffic incidents with me for miles and miles and it is unhealthy. I’m working on it, though.

  2. Your response to the tail-gater hit home for me. I especially liked the bumper sticker ‘…while I reload.”
    I’ve attempted to teach people not to tail-gate by pulling over and getting up on them with horn honking and lights flashing, the stuff that may excite me for the moment in my righteousness, but I doubt they ever get it.
    My current solution on Highway 20 is to ignore them, not even look in the mirror, just wait for a non-gravel turn out then do it when I’m ready. They won’t change, and they won’t change me. A good balance.
    See you on the Haul Road.

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