(Some of) What I Learned in India

India has been an amazing place for me to spend time. An amazing holding place. In a way it was like an incubator can be for a newborn, a place to be held and protected while learning a new way of being. Here are a few of the things which I’ve learned which weren’t quite so clear before…

  • Waiting for and allowing oneself to just be in the flow (just say ‘yes’) makes for magic and effortlessness. Trying to plan and control the future brings stress, lack of ease, and complication.
  • I could learn to be more generously accommodating to visitors (thanks Mathan and family).
  • It’s possible to keep one’s heart fully open and engaged, even with someone who is trying to hustle or fool you. It’s a better way to live.
  • Things don’t bring joy, losses don’t take joy away. What matters is our connection to God/Self.
  • I am the seer of the seer of my thoughts and actions.
  • Travel in India is like a deck of cards with all aces, it makes it easy for magic to happen.
  • The best way to travel is to wait for the next step to magically appear and then take it. The best way to ensure that is to just say “yes.”
  • There is a large energy within me towards opening in love and with love to others. It’s surprisingly so easy to love.
  • Loving one person can be more difficult than loving all people.
  • I am capable of loving one person.
  • “Sleeper buses” don’t necessarily mean you sleep on them.
  • Joy and kindness are natural states for people.
  • When you lose the flow of life, it’s time to rest and allow it to start again in its own time.
  • It’s surprisingly easy to fall in love when your heart is open.
  • Although my path has a decidedly spiritual bent, my meditation cushion is really out in the world.
  • Exercise and laughter and also part of the spiritual path as they open one’s body and heart and spirit to give and receive.
  • A single, simple kind and generous act can have a transforming effect on another.
  • My heart only wants to love.
  • My circuitry seems to easily overlook differences and difficulties in relationship, though important.
  • I actually really love being actively in relationship, and loving as best I can.
  • I adore intimacy, quiet sweet contact.
  • There is nothing that needs to be done, though many things can, could and even should be done.
  • The sense of longing for another is rooted in a desire to be loved, which is markedly different from simply loving.
  • The best question to ask when confronted with a decision is “What does my heart want?”
  • ‘I give the injection, but God heals.” from my doctor when i first got sick in India
  • “God only brings happiness.” – from woman who lost 2 homes, one to Tsunami and one to fire, and also lost 2 husbands.
  • You don’t need a shared language to express and share love.
  • The “I love you” part of me resides completely separate from my mind.
  • India, unlike my experience with America, is a place which holds and cares for your spirit, allowing you to play with it, testing new levels of being and openness.

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