Escaping the Kinetic Bounds of our Birth — 2 Comments

  1. This post strikes a cord with me. As a child we were constantly moving. 6th grade being my first school year without a move. This nomadic existence continued as an adult. Slowly molding me into someone I would not have recognized had I been able too time travel 40 years forward from childhood. Completely out of my control and much to the dismay of some of those friends and family that have had a different journey.

    • Thanks Brett. My take, from what little I know of you, is that your personal journey has been a wonderful one and continues to be a more true reflection of who you truly are.

      Something in my own life has surprised me, and that is how little rejection there has been from the important people in my early life who may have chosen different paths. One of my biggest liberations has been the writing of this blog and it’s associated personal revealings. In a way, it’s served as my own “coming out,” and I’ve found great acceptance and curiosity from many from whom I never would have expected it.

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