Choosing to Not Indulge Our Minds — 2 Comments

  1. A part of me wants to leave an exegesis on love, life, and the universe within the tangled fractal nested webs of increasing and decreasing magnitude. Another part of me wants to not comment at all, as words are unwieldy for describing the intricacies of our perception of reality. Silence is golden, and the other are splintered silver-backed mirror shards all over your beautiful wooden floors.

    Ultimately and predictably, my decisions unfold as a compromise between all my intuitions, urges, and needs. “Compromise” has perhaps a negative connotation, but it’s a simple statement that I am the mean average of all my chemicals, structures, energies, and attitudes. (Plus a little magic). Which of my inner voices has the right to clamour the loudest, and which should I heed? It’s a little bit easier to function in the mundane day-to-day activities with a precept of who or what you are, the framework defining your outlines… instead of realizing that each moment on earth is an incalculable, undefinable, incredible miracle.

    For me, I try to maintain an empty space in the middle of my core, a place to let the mystery pass through, and unfetter myself from expectations.

    It’s now appropriate to experience The Books, “Smells Like Content”

  2. “Life was a battlefield where conscience and desire fought for the upper hand and whichever won it left me the loser.”.

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