30th High School Reunion and the Arc of Our Lives — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Ted,

    We've talked a couple times on the Haul Road and I've followed your blog since you mentioned it. Your experiences and thoughts are inspiring–thanks.

    And a special thanks for this post and the idea of presence in the experience, along with the post's other components.

    As an amateur writer, the reunion aspect has been on my mind quite a bit because I'm drafting a short story called “Reunion Charade.” Although it's incomplete I've included my notes in a stream of consciousness form at the end that I work from.

    Here's a synopsis:
    “His greatest treasure is his high school yearbook with “Most Likely To Succeed” under his picture. After a life of failed marriages, failed jobs, and drug addiction, Danny Haggarty, now 67, camps in the deer trails one hundred steps behind the house he wishes he owned. He kills the owner in an accident, flees with his clothes, money, and car back to the small town of Granger, PA to show his classmates at the fifty-year high school reunion that he's a success.  The daughter of the dead man follows clues to Granger, and on the night of the reunion party, confronts Haggarty about her missing father.”

    You're welcome to read my working draft or any of my other quirky short stories at

    See you on the Haul Road / Doug

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