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  1. You don't sound like a Buddhist at all. You sound like a total tosspot. Who the fuck are you to degrade what other people do and what they believe? You sound like a typical Christian fundamentalist who believes only his own sect is the “real Christianity” and everyone else is going to burn in hell for eternity. Get a life. Don't call yourself a Buddhist, you hateful creature. Start practicing being non-judgemental.

  2. I agree with you actually. What I wrote did in fact sound degrading. That wasn't my intention, but I can see how to some that it would come off that way. The point of this entry was that we are all running around stuffing down our hate and then it brews and brews and then we act on it. I was simply expressing my feelings which were real, but in truth only as real as the moment in which they were felt and written. I don't at all hate these people, I don't like how they've twisted history and created a mythical god out of a man, but all religions are twisted to our own cultures and that was an important point that I was making as well.

    And back to the main point of the writing, which I think must have gotten lost somewhere, hatred is real, it is a real emotion that comes up occasionally and pretending it doesn't has unintended bad consequences. Allowing it gives it space to move through us and be transformed into something else, often love in my experience. I think what I wrote about Buddhists here may have ventured a little too far into degradation, since this is a public and published piece, but I will definitely stand behind my feelings at the time of writing, which by the way have since moved through me to the point that they are no longer tinged with hate. This evening now it feels more like I'm simply not attracted to the Buddhism here.

    Looks like someone else's hate might have gotten touched off too! Never been called a “Tosspot” before. Thanks for the new word.

  3. Hey look Anonymous, You are the one who sounds like a hater, ya tosspot! Ted was just describing the humanity of his inner world and reactions, not passing final judgment against Sri Lankans. Jeez. He was just coming out and admitting how his mind and moods sometimes react, not trying to convince us he was right or arguing for the superiority of Christianity.

    Funny how you can call Ted a “hateful creature” and in the next breath admonish him to practice being non-judgmental. Hey look, dude, you are in a lot of serious pain. Please get treatment. This is not a joke.

    Letting go is ALL you have to hold on to!

  4. I just read this quote ( a few months later) which reminded me of this post. It's by A.H. Almaas.

    “Learn to hold your hatred, be with it, feel it as much as possible from the inside and from the outside. Seek to know hatred, to feel the energy of it, to feel the power of it, and recognize all the associations that come up in relation to it. See into the history that created it and understand that, too. Continue in your inquiry until you are finally able to feel that hatred completely, in its full energy and power. If you do not obstruct it through judgment or rejection, the hatred will—just like anything else that arises in your experience—naturally reveal its own nature. It will dissolve, leaving what is true.”

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