“The Heart Knows Better Than The Mind” — 5 Comments

  1. First: you know what I am impressed with, Ted? How much you can write. It would take me a whole day to write what you have written in this one entry. And, it is well written.If I may, the heart <>feels<> better than the mind. In the mind there are the erections of illusion and in the heart there is only feeling–intuition at its barest. I have not cried in the way you describe for a long time. Perhaps because I cry through my music, but also I am feeling very alienated from this world, from its art, from its politics, from everything, separated by my uniqueness and passion. Very odd! I envy your flood of tears because they show your connection to something. What it is, you will discover. Or perhaps you know already. I don’t necessarily think it is India. Always choose the path of tears. You can float on them like a raft heading to the sea of opportunity.I love you. And I love the openness of your blog. May this leg of your journey manifest the thing that your tears are leading you to.abacadacabaThoth

  2. Hey Babe, thanks so much for your words of support, both about my writing, and more importantly about my journey. You are right, my tears were not necessarily for India, although they were obviously connected to it. The tears were there because I was deeply feeling my heart, and it’s love, and it’s wisdom. Actually, better said, I was hearing my heart, as it was my heart that was speaking to me, and equally wonderously, I was listening to it. Feeling the real connection to my love, to my heart brought tears of deeeeeeeeep joy and appreciation.

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