Happy Birthday to You, May Baba Bless You… — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Ted: What can I say but WOW. Your writing makes your experience come across as now, as though I am on the journey too. I am happy that there is so much joy and love coming to you, surrounding to you, emanating from you!You’ve inspired me to blog, but I don’t have the 1st idea of how…I am on my own journey here with the death of my mother…there has been movement and i can sense her as soft, innocent and young, and loving! God is Good, God is Great! Love to you, Diana

  2. hi friend, came across ur blog. on love how selfless it can be & how total strangers to us can express their love, be it thru food or gifts or the environment. made me curious abt shiv shankar baba's place and did u get to read the book u rcd as b'day gift. u know what, i read thru all ur posts and i thought how much u must hv enjoyed this b'day than the one u hv mentioned in ur earlier posthope u continue to find more n more such love in india.

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