Alove in India — 2 Comments

  1. wow, Ted that sounds amazing and crazy! almost felt like i was there. when i went to hong kong, i had a similar feeling of being overwhelmed with so many people. hope you get your camera fixed!

  2. I just happened to stumble onto your India story via your watermelon radish ferment both triggered wonderful memories for me. Vivid pictured flooded back from my journey to Chennai and giggling to myself as I read your words “this place is flipping crazy” then thinking of the poor women I saw fall off the back of a motor cycle at one of the only traffic signal light I saw in all of the southern part of India….and nobody stopping to help her get up they just drive around her…but if you’ve been to India you can only imagine what that looked like. It makes driving in NY city seem like a walk in the park. There is no way to explain to people what that experience was like and like you I found it so easy to be smitten with the chaos and disparity that I saw and experienced. I look forward to reading your other ferment recipes and stories.

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