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  1. I love you too. And you are officially chain blog tagged: have a few things on this topic.First, I don’t eat very well. I know that. I’m overweight and always have been. I’m not sure when, but it some point, it became my problem and not my parents’ failure. Probably right after college when my food choices became entirely my own. And sometimes I struggle with it. Other times I don’t. I lost 46 pounds once not too many years ago. And gained most of it back. But not all of it. And I lost some of that again.OK, so having said that I have been eating healthier. Rachel helps a lot because she is a vegetarian – 99.97% of the time anyway. And we’ve been moving away from red meat for sure. We now make tacos with ground turkey instead of ground beef. And 3 cup chicken has become a favorite. And I’ve steamed vegetables in my new rice cooker. And I made an omlette with egg beaters instead of eggs.So I’m working on substitution for better health.In solidarity with you, friend, and for Rachel, and ultimately, for myself and Jake, I’m going to try to eat vegetarian 3 days a week and see if I can do it for a month or two. And then see where it goes from there.Now some funny things, I think.First, remember Mehul from SSG? Strict vegetarian. And when we were on that project in Chicago, he pretty much lived on Veggie Whoppers. That’s a Burger King Whopper with no burger. He had that at least 10 times a week. So I decided he needed something else and started calling around to some restaurants. I asked one restaurant if they had anything for vegetarians and the guy said, in that Bears fan Chicago accent, “Vegetarian? Oh yeah, sure, we got fish and chicken for dem.”Also, KRS-1 did an awesome rap about food saying you should read Eat To Live by Elijah Muhammad. He also says you are what you eat, and about the horrible death that animals face and how their fear and stress become a part of you. The rap went:I’m not a Christian, but I won’t dis them/I’m not a Jew I don’t practice Judaism/I’m not a Buddhist, but Buddha’s a master/I don’t eat beef, pork, or Diet Shasta.I love that one.Also, we just watched Fast Food Nation. I read the book years ago, and the movie was just OK. But Rachel got totally grossed out by the relatively benign slaughterhouse scene. And I find myself not able to make the connection between that awful moment when the bolt gun drops the animal to the ground beef in the nice neat package in the supermarket. At some point, I start to recognize it for what it is, but it’s pretty far down the line from the cattle chute.

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