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Opening a Blind Eye

From the dawn-laced window of my hotel room on a hilltop on the outskirts of Bhaktapur, the seat of one of the ancient kingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley, the skies are hazy from the many smokestacks of brick making operations. With the sun rising behind them in the distance, I find it peculiar how something […]

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Wandering a World of Uneven Opportunity

While on this short trek, it feels so gratuitous to have hired a guide to carry my things. Saying thank you regularly doesn’t seem to truly assuage the awkwardness for me. As a vegetarian, I believe that my life shouldn’t necessarily dictate whether another life should end in service of my palate. In relating with […]

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Alove in India

India! This place is F***ing CRAZY. I don’t think there is anything that anyone can tell you, if you haven’t been to a major city in India, that can prepare you for what it’s like. There are people everywhere, and they are doing everything all at the same time. I don’t know how to describe […]