I Am an Ant Killer! — 6 Comments

  1. I wrote this about a year ago and it is too parallel not to share with you.


    because for years now I choose to wake alone,
    and face inky ants along kitchen counters,
    take a soapy sponge and wipe their broken bodies
    over steel sink edges –
    so much life-dust, unseen,
    as I fold my early hours in self-established ritual –
    food and music, footsteps on small town streets,
    disconnected connection of a traveler,
    who mouths, Home,
    just for the sound of the syllable,
    as they pause like an ant in roadside dust,
    drop parcels and build
    an empty shelter of leaves and wind,
    to curl door-mouse-tight
    around the sound –
    but choose to wake alone.

    • Racqueryn, this is the most preciously poignant pome of yours that I have ever read. Speaking of pomes, I just wrote an inspired insight about the last poetry night (at Ted’s) and would love to read it to you. It’s on cellulose with squid phlegm, though, so… until the flesh! ~M

  2. Thinking is not always dependable because we can always rationalize. Instincts in their pure state are truer for they are the accumulated wisdom of mankind.

    • Ted,
      This is more to the point….
      “So convenient a thing is it to be a reasonable creature, since it enables me to find or make a reason for everything I want to do.”

  3. ed.
    This may be more to the point.

    “So convenient a thing is it to be a reasonable creature, since it enables me to find or make a reason for everything I want to do.”

  4. I feel you! I am also a supporter of all life.
    Last week we discovered termites in our house. I looked at all sorts of options and got very excited about being able to trap them – until I found out they are poisoned whilst being trapped. To kill or not to kill? Ultimately it was not just my decisions but my husbands as well. We went for the most environmentally friendly and least traumatic ( for termites). It cost us a bit more but sat better with our values.
    Then we got a hive of bees infiltrating our house. I knew from past experience that we could ring a beekeeper – they leave a beehive box nearby and the bees move into it and are rehomed. So feeling very pleased and comfortable with this solution we went ahead with it. Only the bees were well settled under the roof and the beekeeper dusted them instead.
    I didn’t realize til the deed was done and Zi am sure I could have found a different option, but too late. So now I feel like a mass murderer!
    My only consolation is that the life do an of these insects was relatively short anyway. But the guilt still nags.

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