Good People

I sure appreciate having good people in my life. If nothing else, my epitaph someday could read, “Here lies Ted. Managed to attract really good people into his life.” Good people are a treat to be with. They mean well, lend a hand (or a supportive ear), say kind things, contribute to community, and try to leave behind a world better than the one they found. I remember hanging with my brother Jeff several years back, (he’s another one of those good people), and he said to me something along the lines of “it’s really amazing just how many wonderful people there are in this world.” It’s such a lovely perspective with which he holds the world, and one which I believe in fact to be true.
I had a party in my home last evening, and I’m waking this morning with a very warm feeling in my heart. Not everyone local whom I care for was able to make it, but I was touched by just how many good people there are here who are a part of my life. It takes some time when you move to a new area to begin to create a life with meaning and connection. With each passing year, more people enter, adding further depth, appreciation, and generosity.It’s interesting to have this coming up as I’m readying to leave my home. Today at 4pm the first wave of vacation renters arrive for the summer season, and I’ve been struggling this year more than at other times to move on and begin anther adventure. I think I just want to sink in and develop the relationships I already have. As I write that, an image of my feetless shin bones sinking into the earth arises, allowing me to root and grow in place.

When my mind struggles with things, I can become shortsighted in not seeing all of the blessings I may have. As I arise this morning, the blessings in my life seem innumerable, and many of them appeared last night bearing potluck delectables.

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