Cosmic Situation

The heavenly illuminations in this image are galaxies.  Not stars, but galaxies, with each point of light housing its own collection of millions of stars.  I noticed yesterday that stars don’t really exist in my mind/experience during the daylight hours, but only when they are visible at night.  Somehow the depth and expanse of the universe remains very far out of reach to the confines of my mind, so instead I remain, as best as I can, aware of wherever I might find myself.

I just wanted to let you know, whoever you are who is reading this, that you are loved, at least by me, at 3:08pm, sitting in this window seat in front of this laptop computer on this beautiful day at latitude 39 degrees 29.9 minutes north, longitude 123 degrees 47.3 minutes west on this planet, which is spinning at 1,000mph bringing us our 24 hour cycle of day/night, moving around the sun at 67,000mph, which itself is moving through space at 483,000mph in it’s rotational lap around the Milky Way galaxy, which itself  is racing through space towards the constellations Virgo & Leo at 1,300,000 mph.

It may not seem like much in the scheme of things, but right here, right now, at and with all of my particulars, it’s all I truly have.

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