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It surprises me how much I really have to learn about love. Love with another. Traveling with Shanti in the north of India right now and we find ourselves in Dharamsala where the Tibetan government in exile is located. I’m not going to share all the details because it’s somewhat private, but I’m here with this wonderful woman and somehow, for an important moment in time, I fail to slow down to see the preciousness of what is actually in front of me. I’ve lived a sufficiently long time now, and been in many relationships in my life, and here this wee french girl as she likes to call herself is showing me how clearly I can miss the boat at times when it comes to love. I guess the french really know after all. It’s been a very powerful experience for me, yet painful as well. Amazing how clear things can become when we see how open we are to love and relationship in our lives and then see so clearly when our behaviors don’t necesarily support that aim. Sometimes we have to fall into the hole many times, even when we are aware of its existance, before we truly learn to avoid the hole by walking down the other side of the street. This hole only needs to be fallen into once, I assure you. I’ll clearly be walking down the other side of the street from now on. Part of the pain for me is clearly seeing how much I’ve shortchanged other partners I’ve been with as well. Painfully obvious, really, but I am always growing and changing, and where better than in India on this Pilgrimage of the Heart to learn wonderful and deeply important new lessons about Love.

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The important thing is that you are growing and changing. Thinking about past actions is serving to help clear things NOW for you. The past is good for little else if it does not serve the present.

Ted,For a lot of your postings, I am just a reader. This subject of love is one that I’ve spent many years trying to understand (and still don’t fully get it).I know that you must be willing to open yourself up to let it in – hence there is a risk to it, which can enhance the reward of doing so and finding love.I believe that you must first learn to love yourself, as I don’t believe true love can occur without first loving oneself. This journey you are on is helping you to better do that.I believe you should reflect on past relationships to better understand what love means to you going forward. But I will caution you from dwelling on them, and blaming yourself for past failed relationships. We all have been through them, but they are past relationships for a reason.I also believe there are differing forms of love. I have found true love as a parent, but have yet to find it in a partner.Good luck in your exploration – I will enjoy discussing this in detail when next we see each other.Peace my friend!Mark

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