Homeless Dream – Generosity

I had a bit of a nightmare last night. I dreamed I was with some other people including Cz and we were chatting with a homeless person in San Francisco. It was a very friendly interaction and in the midst of it he was trying to get me to give him $5 in exchange for my getting my pick of envelopes that he had, each one supposedly containing money. I asked him what the average amount in each envelope was and he told me. It seemed like a decent chance so I bought an envelope. It contained $410! I was horrified, because I was doing this to help him out and here I was busting his bank. He was visibly disturbed. It freaked me out so much that it woke me up from my sleep.

I guess there must be something brewing inside me. Perhaps it’s about me having so much while the poor have so little. Or feeling that everything that I have is something that others don’t have. Maybe it’s related to the “bailout plan” that just got passed where it seems like the rich get taken care of while the poor continue to lose. Not sure, but it certainly freaked me out. Maybe it’s a lesson about being generous just for the sake of generosity. Thoughts to ponder.

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