“Move Along”

Here’s a new song of mine called “Move Along.” I started it while camping and sitting along a stream in the Tahoe National Forest in California as the heavy snowmelt created rushing rapids that made it feel very river-like. I worked on the song off an on for the next month or so until I found myself with some time to spare while crewing on a sailboat in French Polynesia where I finished the song.

The song started out as many do just by noodling around in the fretboard. “Move along river…” were the words that began to emerge and I ran with it. I revisited the song probably 20x that camping week as chords, melody and lyrics continued to come through.

Once I got to French Polynesia, I worked more on a bridge and creating some structure to the song which required a final verse to tie the whole thing together. Fingerpicking patterns were worked out along the way as was the final key that best suited my voice and the song. Learning the song once I had finished it was a challenge too as, like time, the lyrics move along at a fairly brisk clip and I was fine-tuning fingerpicking patterns along the way.

My music lately has a strong flavor of the passage of time through life and this song cuts right through. The 3/4 time this song is written in has a particular drive to it that pulled me along as I wrote it and works it’s way into my body as I sing it. It’s truly a very enjoyable song to sing. To me, it’s a song of making peace with the passage of time through life, encouraging river, wind and time to “just move along.”

I hope you enjoy!

Watch video of song here:

Move Along

Move along river that carries the flow
Move along river that ferries the snow,
The path of your water’s a million years long
Move along river just move along.

Move along wind that carries the sky,
Move along wind so sailors can fly,
If we spread out our wings can we please tag along,
Move along wind just move along.

The days of our lives keep moving so fast,
The proof’s in our loved ones who’ve already past,
We may dream of forever and making it last,
But time won’t slow, rivers flow,
Just learn to let it go.

Move along time that carries our days,
Move long time that harries our way,
The dance of our summer time’s gone before long,
Move along time, just move along.


{repeat bridge}

Move along river, move along sky
Move along time, you’ve shown you can fly.
May our finest intentions live on when we’re gone,
Move along time just move along.

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