Retraction from Previous Orphanage Post

I feel as if I want to issue a retraction of sorts on that last post that I made. I’ve been feeling like something wasn’t quite right about it. I believe I’m right, or least in the ballpark when it comes to the general underbelly of the orphanage system here in Nepal. Where I think I may have been wrong, was in making some possible judgments around the place where I was volunteering. The truth of the matter is that as a westerner, who really has no conception about what values are appropriate in this culture, I don’t know that I’m really in the right position to make any judgments, but I did anyway.

I think the real truth here is that the owner of this orphanage has committed her life to take care of these children. That is no small commitment and I very much respect that. It is likely fulfilling, but endless and highly tiresome work.

I think my ego got involved in a way implying that I know better, or my way would be better. This retraction is in actuality a retraction of speaking from that egoic place. My apologies.

The easiest life, as best I can tell it, is one where we care for only our own needs, or more likely in a partnership where both people care for the needs of the other as well as for themselves. Being responsible for the needs of many many children, their health, education, diet, clothes, etc. is so far from a simple life. I take my hat off to anyone who does that work. Period. If they gain from that work, then good for them. Obviously we don’t want that gain at the expense of children, but running an orphanage is probably a hell of a lot more difficult than most other jobs that pay better.

Statement retracted.

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