I’m noticing this morning how much I love and hate a word: “Silence.” The love part is the deepest joy and contentment that can be found in real silence, just being still and letting everything unfold moment by moment. The hate part is when there is much to be said in relationship or in the world and people choose to remain behind their wall of safety and not speak. Sometimes I feel like only true silence and stillness can heal the world, but I think really only to the extent that it can bring people closer to their hearts and thus be able to clearly and simply speak the truth that lies within them so as to bring healing and love to their relationships and the world.

As I finish this short post, the feeling of hate actually has gone away, being sweetly replaced by a love of the truth which seems to arise simply from stating it. Truth surely seems to lead to love, and love surely seems to lead to the truth. Imagine the power of love for the truth above all else.

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