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The Happiness Infusion

I’m happy. You know how I know? I keep saying it. Out loud. To myself. There are different phrasings that arise: I’ll be driving down the road, some road, heading somewhere, anywhere, and I’ll hear myself say “God, I’m so happy right now.” I might be sitting by a river playing my guitar and the […]

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Freedom From Doing

I’m starting to get a flavor of the freedom I last wrote about, but it is distinctly different than I had anticipated. At its core, it is a freedom from doing, but also one which does not necessarily involve idleness. Seems a bit of a paradox, I know, but trust me I’ll do my best […]

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Junkie for the Open Road

Building a mobile camper van. It’s been a vision of mine for the past couple of years. Last winter’s road trip with Alexandra down to Baja really helped to add some fuel to that fire as I started to see some of the possibility of what a small home on wheels could offer. I’m kind […]