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Where My Heart Wants to Be

In the past few weeks, I’ve made special efforts to help others or otherwise go where needed. This included going to a graduation and a dance recital for the dear daughters of a friend, spending hours on the phone and in person with a friend going through some difficult transitions, playing a round of golf […]

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Separation and the Sense of Home

I’ve been noticing with a little bit of surprise and wonder how I’ve managed to come back to the United States and have such a seamless re-entry process. Today while walking in Berkeley with my friend Margie who was asking me about my trip to India, something started to come together. It’s actually quite interesting, […]

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“The Heart Knows Better Than The Mind”

So I’m still in India. Somehow I decided not to return to the states. It was an incredibly difficult decision for me: my body and soul were tired and wanted to go home to comfort and nurturance, a voice within me kept saying, “I just want to go home,” 4 of 5 coin flips were […]