Healing Laughing and Hugging

I just want to write a little about an amazing person, my sister-in-law Barb. She’s my brother Jeff’s wife and it is beyond question for me that she laughs more than anyone I have ever met. And it’s incredibly genuine and attractive. She just laughs all the time and giggles and is full of life. […]


Self Protection? Just Good Sense?

Since I’ve been back in the states, about 5 weeks now, I still haven’t watched any news programs (except Jon Stewart on The Daily Show – but that doesn’t really count, since it’s more comedy than news) or read any newspapers. It’s a habit I got into in India. The main reason for me, I […]

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As Me

I’m back in my home again, and what a sweet place it is to be. When I pulled into the driveway, I sat there for a minute anticipating the smell of the sea air (which is something I had really missed). I got out and it was intoxicating. The air here is so alive, the […]


(Some of) What I Learned in India

India has been an amazing place for me to spend time. An amazing holding place. In a way it was like an incubator can be for a newborn, a place to be held and protected while learning a new way of being. Here are a few of the things which I’ve learned which weren’t quite […]