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Shining a Light on Petulance

Noticing all sorts of things about myself today. I wrote to my cousin Riva today, (my father’s cousin actually) and in the message I wrote that “travels seem to give my mind a chance to expand and gives me fuel for self exploration and discovery, and to feel the edges of my life that haven’t […]

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To Be Fully Awake to Life is to be Joyful

To be fully awake to life is to be Joyful. I realized that while eating a meal with a dear friend I’ve made here in Europe. As we were about to start the meal, our last meal together for who knows how long, I was feeling many different things: Thankful for the time we’ve had […]

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Musings from the Train

(A few thoughts from the Bulgarian Express, a 23 hour train ride from Chernivtsi, Ukraine to Sofia, Bulgaria) Romania is depressing. Simple as that. Everything seen from the train appears to be in slow degradation towards uselessness, or already there. I can only imagine that the outer ruin is either reflective of an inner hopelessness, […]